About the Event

Engineers’ impact is visible in every aspect of human life: Through increasingly more sophisticated inventions, techniques and equipment Engineers enhance and irrevocably change society. Overcoming the challenges of today’s societal developments will thus, to a considerable degree, depend on the availability of excellent engineering solutions.

The European Engineers’ Federations ECEC, FEANI, ECCE, together with ENAEE want to draw attention to the importance of securing the availability of excellent engineering solutions in Europe. Although the need for engineering excellence is increasing, the current approaches to safeguard and enforce its broad availability seem to be insufficient or even counterproductive.

The “3rd European Engineers’ Day” on 5 October 2017 will analyse existing developments and approaches that can either enhance or hinder engineering excellence.  It will offer expert opinions but also a forum for critical dialogue and participation.

Your participation is highly appreciated. Please register here.